Skate Sharpening in Guelph

Skate Sharpening in Guelph

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If you want the best performance out of your skates, you need to have sharp edges. Properly sharpened blades will allow you to make those smooth turns, quick stops, and maintain complete control while you’re on the ice.

At Hometown Sports and Apparel, we take skate sharpening very seriously. Our team has lived and breathed the sporting life in Guelph and we understand the difference that a properly sharpened pair of skate blades can make for an athlete.

When you come into our shop, you’ll notice that skate sharpening is something that we do on a daily basis. Whether you’re a hockey player, figure skater, or recreational skater, our sharpening services can help provide you with the advantage that you need to hit those jumps, dodge checks on the rink, and outskate your competition.

Our Skate Sharpening Services

Our signature process for skate sharpening is the best way to get an edge over your opponents. Whether you are sharpening a pair of hockey skates or figure skates, you can expect a mirror-like finish and edges sharpened to your exact preferences.

Skate Sharpening Cards

If you expect to need your skates sharpened on a regular basis, our skate sharpening cards are a great way to save. These pre-paid cards offer major savings for our customers — ask us for more information!

Skate Repairs

Are you looking for equipment repairs as well? Our team can help you bring your favourite old pair of skates back to life. From eyelets to rivets, runners to holders, we can do it all and ensure that you can keep skating for years to come.

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Hometown Sports and Apparel is a skate shop and sporting goods store located on Eramosa Road in Guelph. Specializing in hockey, baseball, lacrosse, and apparel, we provide you with proper, professional service for all your sporting needs.