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Skate Repairs

Are you looking for equipment repairs as well? Our team can help you bring your favourite old pair of skates back to life. From eyelets to rivets, runners to holders, we can do it all and ensure that you can keep skating for years to come.

Repair Your Skates 


Baseball Glove Relacing

Do you have an old baseball glove whose lacing is getting torn, tattered, or frayed? We specialize in bringing old baseball gloves back to life with expert relacing services. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your glove before replacing it!

Re-Lace Your Glove →



Skate Sharpening

Our signature process for skate sharpening is the best way to get an edge over your opponents. Make sure that you have the ability to make those smooth turns, quick stops, and maintain complete control while you’re on the ice.

Sharpen Your Skates →



Lacrosse Stick Stringing

If you need to re-string your lacrosse stick, it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start. Work with our team to select from a variety of mesh and colour options that will personalize your stick and give yourself a competitive advantage on the field.

String Your Lacrosse Stick →