Baseball Glove Repair in Guelph

Baseball Glove Repair in Guelph

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Do you have an old baseball glove whose lacing is getting torn, tattered, or frayed? Don’t throw it out just yet! It can take countless hours to break in a baseball glove properly and you don’t want to replace it until you have no other options

At Home Sports and Apparel, we specialize in bringing old baseball gloves back to life with expert relacing services. Our team has lived and breathed the sporting life in Guelph and we know how much effort goes into a good baseball glove.

A reliable glove can provide an athlete with a major competitive advantage — and it can be expensive to find a proper, quality replacement. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you are getting as much use out of your baseball glove as possible before replacing it.

Our Baseball Glove Relacing Services

At Hometown Sports, we provide expert baseball glove relacing services at any time of the year! Whether it’s for a professional catcher’s mitt, a high schooler’s first ball glove, or an old family glove with sentimental value, our team can re-lace a wide variety of baseball gloves of different makes and styles.

Our team knows how to work with glove leather to ensure that your mitt is re-laced properly and professionally, so you’ll be able to continue using it for seasons to come! We can also provide some quick tips and advice on glove care.

Give us a call or bring your glove by our location for more information on pricing.

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Hometown Sports and Apparel is a sporting goods store located on Eramosa Road in Guelph. Specializing in hockey, baseball, lacrosse, and apparel, we provide you with proper, professional service for all your sporting needs.